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Xn protel Systems delivers highly functional property technology for hotel and residential sectors, as well as hospitality management solutions in 60+ countries around the world.

Driven by service excellence, we are committed to

service through technology

Our main principle since our Company’s inception, we put service and people above all else, across all stakeholder levels, customer, employee, shareholder. 

partnering for success

No one customer is the same. We remain focused on each of our customers unique needs, and are committed to addressing last-mile customizations where needed.

creating open systems

Working closely with our customers and partners, we adopt industry standard protocols to break down traditional integration barriers.

being cloud-native and mobile

Our technologies are born in the cloud, so our customers benefit from latest innovations, and take advantage of mobile and achieve a lower cost of ownership.

ease of doing business

A customer-centric approach is in our DNA, from early discovery sessions, preparing quotations through to ongoing support and account management.

compliance & security

We remain at the forefront of statutory, fiscal, tax and personal data compliance in an always-changing landscape. Along with this, our high standards in security and risk assessment.

Delivering service through technology

Xn protel Systems delivers highly functional hotel, residential, and hospitality management systems in 60+ countries around the world. We are cloud-native, committed to open systems, and are recognized by world-class companies as a partner that’s easy to do business with.

A global technology company specializing in property management, point of sale, business intelligence and activity management solutions. Our highly functional, cloud-native and open systems provide the latest technology and flexibility. We help world-class companies to optimize revenue generation, simplify service operations and enhance the quality of guest communications. 








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