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Visualize and understand data. Plan & optimize resources

xnBI is a cloud-native business intelligence platform for the accommodation, hospitality & food service, and spa & activity
industries, helping small independent properties through to multi-region operational chains.

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Cloud native business intelligence for your operations. Visual reporting, KPI's and metrics

BI for PMS

xnBI provides deep insights of your past, present and future property management systems data to gain a deeper understanding of your business trends.

BI for POS

Want to understand your food & beverage operational trends? When are the busiest days and times of day? Which customer type generates the most food & beverage revenues?

BI for AMS

Manage your spa, golf & activity operations with a deep understanding of who is using your facilities, and who generates the most revenue, by gender, age, nationality and so much more.


Providing a single version of the truth, xnPOS has multiple user interfaces linking guests and hotel team members directly to the cloud transaction platform.

Get fully connected
One POS platform for both guests & servers

Cloud-based analytics, KPI's and insights for the following sectors

xnBI delivers superior metrics and deep insights into your data, by consolidating databases used at your establishment across all of your operations and converging them into one data warehouse to enable total analysis, KPI and visualization, right down to the transaction level.

Understand and visualize your data in multiple dimensions. Get insights across business segments and departments for a more comprehensive picture on what drives your organization.

Hotels & Hotel Groups

Hotel property managers must rely on modern technology to effectively manage their businesses. With a myriad of different hotel operations to oversee, the need for flexible solutions and scalable tools is paramount to exceed the guest experience while tightly controlling operations.

Purpose Built Residential

Improve tenant experience, streamline operations, and enhance profitability. Revolutionary property management software that is changing the industry. Catering to various sectors ranging from student housing, staff accommodation, retirement living, build-to-rent, and co-living spaces.

Hospitality Food & Beverage

In the ever-evolving world of hospitality & food service, operators must rely on modern technology to effectively manage their businesses. With a myriad of different outlets and operations to oversee, the need for flexible solutions and scalable tools is paramount to exceed the guest experience while tightly controlling operations.

Spa, Wellness & Activity

With the rise of the spa, wellness & activity industries and the growing demand for a luxurious experiences, managers face the arduous task of maintaining profitability and ensuring customer satisfaction. Smart, simple to use and robust technology is needed for end-to-end management.

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protel’s intuitive PMS helps hotels boost guest-experience. Less time on the keyboard means more.

protel’s intuitive PMS helps hotels boost guest-experience. Less time on the keyboard means more time for the guest. Seamless communication between departments.

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Frequently Asked Questisons

What is a business intelligence solution?

Business intelligence (BI) is a technology-driven process for analysing data and delivering actionable information that helps executives, managers and workers make informed business decisions. Organizations collect data from internal systems and databases, and external sources, prepare it for analysis, and create data visualizations, insights, dashboards and reports to make the analytics results available to business users for operational decision-making and strategic planning.

What does xnBI offer as connected data-source systems?

xnBI offers short-stay accommodation providers, food & beverage and hospitality businesses, leisure and activity businesses, a powerful BI solution which connects to PMS, POS, SPA/Activity and other data sources (such as finance systems), thus enabling analytics, insights and KPI's around historical, future business trends.

How is xnBI deployed – cloud or on-premise?

xnBI can be either hosted by us in our data centre, or installed as an on-premise solution at property level, or even hosted by the customer at their own data centre if preferred.

Is xnBi multi-property capable?

Yes, we built xnBI as a true multi-property solution for all major reports, dashboards and insights, regardless of business size, enabling organizations an enterprise-wide ready solution.

Is xnBi multi-currency capable?

xnBI is multi-currency supported, even with historical data import, enabling currency aggregation in one of many currencies depending on business needs. As an example, two sites in Canada, one in Australia, and a head-quarters in the United Kingdom, could therefore report for instance in Canadian dollars, Australian dollars, or its HQ home currency in GBP, across each or all of the enterprise estate.

Can historical data be uploaded into xnBI?

Yes we support importing historical bulk-upload of transactional data provided it is in the required format to support historical reporting. We would work with each customer to ensure data meets the required format or we can provide assistance to do so.

Are xnBI reports and dashboards customisable?

Yes, xnBI reports as well as dashboards can be added to (new reports and dashboards), as well as modified to suit each customer. xnBI enables unlimited reporting and dashboards within the available data warehouse.

Do users have access to add or modify reports and dashboards?

Depending on the user role assigned to each user of xnBI, a user can be assigned rights to fully edit, customize, add to, or remove reports as well as dashboards. Other users can be assigned view only rights to access the available reports and dashboards.

What mobile capabilities are available with xnBI?

xnBI has mobile device support in either two ways: (1) using any web browser to access via a PC/laptop or tablet, and (2) via the Microsoft Power BI app that is available from an app store (iOS, Windows, or on Android via Google Play).

Can alerts be configured in xnBI?

Yes, via the dashboards section, a user can set alerts within the data set. Alerts can vary according to your needs, for instance above or below a threshold, comparison the prior date,, and multiple alerts can be set against the same business query.

What type of support is available for xnBI?

As with all of our solutions, xnBI is supported and backed by a Support Level Agreement that ensures great response times and upgrades to your system as they become available.

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