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Revolutionize your hotel portfolio with powerful property management solutions and tools that help you effortlessly streamline management processes, reduce cost and boost guest satisfaction.


Imagine dynamic hotel group property management software that centralizes operations and provides a seamless communication channel between all your properties and departments.

No limits.
On location. On Size. On Brand.

You don’t put limits on delivering great service. We’ll make sure your technology doesn’t either.

In a constantly evolving world, the hotel industry must keep up with new trends to maintain a competitive edge. Superior multi-property hotel management software is a prime example where hotel chains need to centralize, standardize, and ensure rapid return on investment to achieve its objectives.

Take your hotel group to new heights. Innovate with open, scalable, feature-rich, hotel management software solutions that remove traditional integration barriers. Capitalize on innovations straight away, and have a lower total cost of ownership. All backed up with responsive, flexible, customer-centric support by hospitality and technology experts.

Technology as an enabler

Deliver your business plans with centralized operations on a global scale. Have complete central management control and drive success with cloud-native, scalable solutions.

Utilize our open platform to join everything up and connect all your buisness solutions in your ecosystem.

Compliance at every level

Whether you’re a large global operation or a national group, have the right tool sets for compliance, regulations and controls.

Ensure compliance, security and legislation is met at all levls, wherever you are. Be fully compliant with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), Personal Identifying Information (PII) and many other requirements.

Scalable as you are

Have as much, or as little, sophistication as you need. Whether you’re a limited service, budget hotel chain or full service luxury provider, use feature-rich technology that’s tailored to your needs as you grow.

Reduce training, have better support and lower your total cost of ownership, now and well into the future.

Delivering service through technology

Xn protel Systems delivers highly functional hotel, residential, and hospitality management systems in 60+ countries around the world. We are cloud-native, committed to open systems, and are recognized by world-class companies as a partner that’s easy to do business with.

A global technology company specializing in property management, point of sale, business intelligence and activity management solutions. Our highly functional, cloud-native and open systems provide the latest technology and flexibility. We help world-class companies to optimize revenue generation, simplify service operations and enhance the quality of guest communications.








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We are multi-property and single property capable

Trusted by many of the world leading hotel companies
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Hotel groups are only part of the many business sectors we service in the
hotel accommodation market.

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Frequently Asked Questisons

What sort of integrations are available with protel PMS?

Over 1,800 3rd party certified integrations are available with protel PMS. As protel PMS is installed in over 15,500 hotels worldwide, we offer a plethora of integrations ranging from (but not limited to) PABX, IPTV, POS, Spa, Wi-Fi, channel managers, central reservations, CRM systems, finance systems, guest-facing apps and kiosks, electronic door locks, revenue management systems, energy control and building management systems, and more.

How long does it take to deploy and be up and running with protel PMS?

Depending on scope of the project, a small 50 room property can be up and running live with protel PMS within 3 weeks. Of course this may extend depending on various factors including whether data migration from a legacy PMS is needed, how many add-ons and modules are deployed, and the number of integrations. These may all extend the deployment duration from order date to Go Live date.

Can I migrate data from any PMS to protel PMS?

Yes, we offer a migration path from most PMS systems to protel PMS. This can include migrating customer profiles (eg guest, agent, corporate), historical data, allotments and groups (where needed), as well as future reservations on the books. Possibly additional data as well.

Where you are unsure of how to extract the legacy system PMS data, consult with us and let us assess how to assist you with migrating your data to protel PMS.

Is protel PMS multi-property capable?

protel PMS has been a multi-property edition (MPE) PMS since 1998, making it one of the most advanced and functional hotel PMS for hotel chains, large or small. Many of our customers using protel PMS are taking advantage of its multi-property capabilities.

Of course we also offer protel PMS as a single property edition (SPE).

What type of accommodation providers use protel PMS?

As a short-stay accommodation based software solution, protel PMS is deployed across many businesses large and small. Motels, hotels, resorts, serviced apartments, boutique hotels, through to luxury resorts use protel PMS. Whether a 10 room tented campsite, or a 25,000 room hotel chain, protel PMS is scalable to suit any business size.

What guest-facing services are available with protel PMS?

Contactless guest-service is essential with today's modern PMS. As such, we offer some pretty amazing technologies to simplify guest and booker access to protel PMS.
These include protel Voyager, a web-facing solution for guests and bookers to access their reservation and profile, and interact with the hotel/PMS, self-service kiosks for check in/out, 3rd party guest-facing apps and web services, as well as the protel Digital Registration app, enabling contactless guest check-in.

What type of support is available for protel PMS?

As with all of our solutions, protel PMS is supported by us 24x7 and backed by a Support Level Agreement that ensures great response times and upgrades to your system on a continual basis.

What staff and user apps are available with protel PMS?

protel PMS makes available the protel Housekeeping app for housekeeping and maintenance teams via iOS and Android.

Additionally, the protel for iPad app is also available on iOS to enable remote access and management of protel PMS wherever needed.

Finally, the protel dSignature app is available on iOS and Android to enable contactless remote check-in for guests which is controlled by hotel reception teams.

How do I add a new integration to protel PMS?

protel PMS makes available open API's and a development marketplace to ensure easy addition of new integrations as and where needed. Protel PMS takes advantage of industry-standard HTNG and OTA API's. Most of the API's uses the next-generation protel.io Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to leverage a common platform in which to connect not just our PMS, but many other systems as well.

What is the difference between protel PMS and rezpage?

protel PMS is a short-stay accommodation software solution designed for hotels, motels and resorts.

rezpage is a solution specifically designed for long-stay accommodation businesses such as (but not limited to) build-to-rent and leasing, student housing, workforce/staff accommodation, retirement living, aged-care accommodation, and co-living communities.

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Xn protel Systems has been trusted by some of the best hotel companies in the world. They rely on our software to help them get a competitive edge in their respective sectors. Our customers have seen incredible success with our solutions. Like them, we can help you take your business to the next level.

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