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Reservations, operations, scheduling

Whether spa, golf, fitness, sports, activity or golf, Reservation Assistant is specialized in the reservation of various resources and supports you in managing and organizing your entire operation.

Operations, including reservations, packages, scheduling, groups, and much more.

Wellness for your organization

Whether you manage a spa, fitness centre, club, thermal spa, or golf course, Reservation Assistant software specializes in the management of guests and resources efficiently, be that rooms, staff or equipment.

Spa Reservations

Manage all reservations, including staffing, equipment and rooms. View upcoming treatments, drag-and-drop items, waitlist, cancel bookings and update guest information.

Activity Reservations

Handle various resources, such as tennis lessons, hair dressing appointments, wind surfing booking, bicycle rentals or even horse riding lessons. All activities will be managed on one platform.

Golf Bookings

Book tee-times for members & guests, at the property or online. Manage golf equipment hire, maximise course availability, groups, and more, no matter how few or many holes & courses you have.

Golf Management

More than just tee-times, manage driving ranges, lessons with golf pro’s, memberships and contracts, equipmemt hire, all in one easy to use solution.

Course or Class Reservations

Manage all classes and courses and directly book participants in to limited spaces. Multi-day courses can be easily managed. Guests can register for courses online or via a kiosk.


With only a few clicks you can easily create attractive multi-service packages or book couples reservations. Be that fixed packages, a la carte or dynamic packages.

Group functionality

Guests who travel or book together, can be grouped in the software and billed collectively as part of a group. Show group itineraries, and more.

Shift Scheduling

The software helps you assign staff shift schedules and automatically suggests employees according to their availability when booking services.

Staff Scheduling

Create work plans with various templates and functions. You define vacation, time compensation and breaks for your employees exactly as desired. Coloured entries in the shift schedule and a graphical daily schedule provide information on planned working times at a glance.

Employee Cafeteria

Employees can automatically pay by chip/card in the cafeteria and reload stored values themselves online. Companies benefit from reduced administrative effort.

Wait Listing

Queue and manage real-time availability for guests who wish to be placed on a wait list for any service you offer, and never miss an opportunity.

Rental Equipment

Monitor which equipment is currently being rented. The return of rented goods can be managed via deposit or exit control.

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One platform for guests and operations

Reservation Assistant Operations is one part of the Reservation Assistant full suite, designed to serve all of your spa, golf, fitness, membership and activity technology needs.

Spa, golf & activity management for the following sectors

With the rise of the wellness & activity industries and the growing demand for a luxurious experiences, managers face the arduous task of maintaining profitability and ensuring customer satisfaction.

To keep up with consumer choice and competition, smart, simple to use and robust technology is needed for end-to-end management. This is where our company’s twenty four years of expertise come in, with our proven track record of supplying tech solutions to the most recognized spas, golf clubs and leisure centers worldwide.

Integrated Resorts

Integrated resorts, with their diverse departments and unique guest operations, require user-friendly, and robust software for seamless management across the entire resort. It should cater to guest needs, but also bridge the gap between the two.

Spa & Wellness

Spa & wellness managers need to be equipped with smart, simple to use and robust technology that ensures end-to-end management across their operation. Guests need access and visibility as well. Bring the two together.


In the competitive golfing industry, with a wide array of player choices, golf resorts must equip themselves with cutting-edge technology that is user-friendly, reliable, and capable of seamlessly managing all aspects of their operations.

Fitness Clubs

The fitness and leisure industry is a continuously evolving market that requires proficient technology for efficient running. Club and business operators face a variety of challenges such as personnel and resource management, overseeing day-to-day operations, reducing costs, and expanding their membership base.

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protel’s intuitive PMS helps hotels boost guest-experience. Less time on the keyboard means more.

protel’s intuitive PMS helps hotels boost guest-experience. Less time on the keyboard means more time for the guest. Seamless communication between departments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an activity management system?

An Activity Management System (AMS) is a term commonly given to a solution which manages activities across the hotel & resort segment, such as (but not limited to) spa, wellness, fitness, golf, activity management, and others.

How does Reservation Assistant differentiate from other activity management systems?

Reservation Assistant is the global leader in AMS systems for hotels & resorts, which is an all-encompassing solution to manage all activity bookings across a resort or hotel chain, be that spa & wellness, fitness, golf, activity bookings, dining reservations, and more, and enables guest-facing self-service (own device or kiosk), staff mobility, as well as extensive real-time integrations to property management systems.

Reservations, package management, classes and courses, tickets and access passes, membership management, dining reservations, POS, gift voucher and prepaid card management, stock & purchasing control, and much more are modules within Reservation Assistant that makes it the leading solution in its class.

How is Reservation Assistant deployed?

Reservation Assistant can be deployed as an on-premise solution, or hosted at one of our data centres, or at a customer (HQ) data centre, with options to enable components to be hosted by us in our data centres (for instance the RA web booking engine or the RA sense staff mobility app).

Can guests and members book online?

Yes, public guests, hotel resident guests, past guests, and members alike, can book services online (such as reservations, packages, classes, courses, dining, cabana reservations).

What services can guests and members interact with online?

Members, guests and groups can book individual treatments and reservations, golf tee times, packages, classes, courses, dining bookings, and cabana reservations, as well as purchase and manage membership contracts, buy and redeem gift vouchers and prepaid cards, buy tickets and access passes, purchase retail and merchandise, and more.

What type of busineses use Reservation Assistant?

Hotels, resorts and clubs usually deploy Reservation Assistant where a spa or wellness centre is being managed, or where golf clubs offer bookings and tee-times, as well as fitness club services. Often, additional operations and activities are also managed in these businesses via Reservation Assistant, such as (but not limited to), equipment rental, water and other sports, transfers and transportation, salon, retail shops, and so on.

Besides hotels, resorts and clubs, other businesses using Reservation Assistant include aquatic centres, thermal spas, cruise ships, airport lounges and integrated clubs and resorts (offering some or all of these activities).

What integrations are available with Reservation Assistant?

Reservation Assistant integrates with many systems to enable it to be part of a wider ecosystem within a hotel, resort or club. These range from (but not limited to) hotel property management systems (PMS), Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM), integrated payment gateways (PG), access control devices (AC), 3rd party web booking engines (WBE), loyalty management systems (LMS), and where needed fiscalization solutions.

Do I need to buy specific hardware to run Reservation Assistant?

Reservation Assistant is a software solution and as such, does not need to run on any specific hardware. Where needed however, we can integrate various hardware to suit beach deployment needs, such as (but not limited to) thermal POS receipt printers, label printers, membership card printers, RFID card readers, magnetic swipe readers, barcode scanners, Webcams, cash drawers, waiter lock and e-keys, POS customer display units, signature capture pads, and ticket / access pass printers. if requiring to offer a kiosk to enable guest/member facing access, we can additionally offer floor-mounted or desk-mounted kiosks.

What type of support is available for Reservation Assistant?

As with all of our solutions, Reservation Assistant is supported by us 24x7 and backed by a Support Level Agreement that ensures great response times and upgrades to your system as they become available.

Is Reservation Assistant multi-property capable?

Reservation Assistant is available as a multi-property edition (MPE), as well as single property edition (SPE), making it one of the most advanced AMS solutions available for hotel & resort chains. The MPE version allows for central customer profiles, central reporting, reciprocal membership access and rights, as well as group-wide gift voucher purchase and redemption.

What staff and user apps are available with Reservation Assistant?

The RA sense module, available as a web-browser front end access to Reservation Assistant, allows for staff to be mobile and roam-free of any desks at a hotel or resort, and engage with guests and members wherever they are.

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