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Global Hotels & Resorts Conference 2017, Vietnam

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Global Hotels & Resorts Conference 2017, Vietnam

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Park Hyatt Saigon


Ho Chi minh City, Vietnam

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Greg Spicer, our CEO, is speaking at this event on Smart Data, Big Data and Private Data.

With 62% occupancy rate and 82% international guests, Vietnam Hotel & Resort Industry offers huge potential towards tourism revenue. In terms of International Tourists, Vietnam is at number 5 in ASEAN.

Global Hotels and Resorts 2017 is a two day strategic business conference focused on the regional opportunities and focuses on creating a dynamic platform for hotel and resort owners, developers, contractors and public sector stakeholders to not only explore business opportunities in the Asia Pacific region but also to get in-line with the key market trends in the hospitality industry across the globe and ways in which we can tackle the diversifying market.

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Global Hotels & Resorts Conference 2017, Vietnam

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