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What is the difference between protel Air and Classic?

protel Air is a cloud-based next-generation hotel property management system that is entirely hosted by us in our AWS data centres, not installed or hosted at any customers own location or data centre.
protel Classic is an ‘on-premise’ Windows-based hotel property management system, that can be deployed on-site at a hotel, or at our data centre, or at a customers own data centre.

protel Air was released in 2013, and has fortnightly upgrades to ensure all customers are using the latest version.
protel Classic has been available in the marketplace since 1994, and is still in development with regular upgrade and new version releases.

As the technologies between protel Classic and protel Air differ considerably, while there are similar modules, functions and integrations, the UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) differs, with protel Air being more modern, more intuitive and easier to use for new users.

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