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Retain members and increase visitation

Sell, redeem and manage gift vouchers and pre-paid cards across your organization with ease – in-store or online.

Reservation Assistant
Gift vouchers and prepaid-cards

Inspire guests. Optimize resources. Reduce costs. Grow profits

Sell service, value or hotel gift certificates. The module will assist you every step of the way – from issuing a gift certificate to creating different layouts and redeeming them, be that in-store, at the hotel, or online.

Value Cards

Value cards, such as discount or gift cards, enable cashless payment for services and products and can be charged at any time.

Services Gift Certificates

Service gift certificates are given away for selected offers, such as spa treatments or massage sessions. Gift certificates can be personalized by your guests and ordered online or on site.

Hotel Gift Certificates

Hotel gift certificates enable your hotel guests to have the best possible time out – whether it’s a romantic weekend or a relaxing short holiday. You define the gift certificate conditions and your guests then personalize the imprint.

Value Gift Certificates

With our value gift certificates, gift certificate owners can choose which service they would like to use for the respective value from. Gift certificates can be provided with personal dedications, printed out comfortably at home or delivered.

Prepaid Cards

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Get fully connected
One POS platform for both guests & servers

xnPOS Go is part of the xnPOS Suite of products, designed to serve your
entire food & beverage hospitality technology needs.

Industry-leading POS for the following sectors

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Integrated Resorts

Experience the power of xnPOS across your hotel enterprise, with unlimited scalability at its core. No limits to mode of operation, currency, core-configuration, consolidation of data and reporting.

Hotel Spa

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Golf resorts

xnPOS has you covered across all outlets of a resort, be that cafe, bar, poolside, in-room dining, spa, laundry and more.

Fitness Clubs

xnPOS performs excellently on campus and student accommodation settings, such as cafe, bistro, even contactless ordering to your room, dorm, or delivered to your desk. And all can be charged to the students lease thanks to the xms|RPM interface.

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protel’s intuitive PMS helps hotels boost guest-experience. Less time on the keyboard means more.

protel’s intuitive PMS helps hotels boost guest-experience. Less time on the keyboard means more time for the guest. Seamless communication between departments.

Adam Smith

Food & Beverage Manager

Frequently Asked Questisons

What does protel Air do?

protel Air is a popular and world-renown cloud-based hotel PMS that has been operating since 2013. Today, protel Air is installed in more than 3,500 hotels, hotel chains and short-stay accommodation providers across more than 40 countries.

protel Air superbly manages reservations, groups management, guest management, front desk management, optional conference & banqueting, housekeeping and maintenance teams, as well as guest-facing access and services.

With more than 1,500 best-of-breed integrations with 3rd party vendor solutions, protel Air is one of the world's leading hotel PMS.

What is the difference between protel Air and Classic?

protel Air is a cloud-based next-generation hotel property management system that is entirely hosted by us in our AWS data centres, not installed or hosted at any customers own location or data centre.
protel Classic is an 'on-premise' Windows-based hotel property management system, that can be deployed on-site at a hotel, or at our data centre, or at a customers own data centre.

protel Air was released in 2013, and has fortnightly upgrades to ensure all customers are using the latest version.
protel Classic has been available in the marketplace since 1994, and is still in development with regular upgrade and new version releases.

As the technologies between protel Classic and protel Air differ considerably, while there are similar modules, functions and integrations, the UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) differs, with protel Air being more modern, more intuitive and easier to use for new users.

What is the difference between protel Air and rezpage?

protel Air is a cloud-based short-stay accommodation software solution designed for hotels, motels and resorts.

rezpage is a cloud-based solution specifically designed for long-stay accommodation businesses such as (but not limited to) build-to-rent and leasing, student housing, workforce/staff accommodation, retirement living, and co-living communities.

Is protel Air multi-property capable?

protel Air is available as a multi-property edition (MPE), making it one of the most advanced and functional hotel PMS for hotel chains, large or small. Numerous hotel groups are taking advantage of its multi-property capabilities.

Of course we also offer protel Air as a single property edition (SPE).

What modules are offered with protel Air?

protel Air is a full-suite hotel PMS which includes all facets of hotel operations (including front desk, reservations, groups management, housekeeping, maintenance), as well as optional conference & banqueting. These are available as either a Single Property Edition (SPE) or a Multi Property Edition (MPE) solution.

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What add-ons are available with protel Air?

In addition to core and optional modules, protel Air extends usage for both staff mobility as well as guest-facing capability. As such, a number of add-ons are available, including (but not limited to) protel Housekeeping app (for housekeepers and maintenance staff), protel Messenger (email and SMS automation), protel Digital Registration app, protel Voyager (for guest-facing access to their own profile and reservations management).

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What type of accommodation providers use protel Air?

As a short-stay accommodation based software solution, protel Classic is deployed across many businesses large and small. Motels, hotels, resorts, serviced apartments, boutique hotels, through to luxury resorts use protel Air. Whether a 10 room tented campsite, or a 3,000 room hotel chain, protel Air is scalable to suit any business size.

How is protel Air deployed?

protel Air as a cloud-based next-generation hotel property management system is hosted by us in our AWS (Amazon Web Services) data centres. protel Air data is managed in AWS Aurora RDS, each chain is stored in a separate DB. This design is perfect for unlimited scalability, as database services may be added as required. Data is encrypted at rest and if required a chain or brand may be configured in a dedicated Aurora instance with brand specific encryption.

How long does it take to deploy and be up and running with protel Air?

Depending on scope of the project, a small 50 room property can be up and running live with protel Air within 3 weeks. Of course this may extend depending on various factors including whether data migration from a legacy PMS is needed, how many add-ons and modules are deployed, and the number of integrations. These may all extend the deployment duration from order date to Go Live date.

What type of support is available for protel Air?

As with all of our solutions, protel Air is supported by us 24x7 and backed by a Support Level Agreement that ensures great response times and upgrades to your system as an always-on fortnightly sprint update, ensuring and always up to date system at all times.

What guest-facing services are available with protel Air?

Contactless guest-service is essential with today's modern PMS. As such, we offer some pretty amazing technologies to simplify guest and booker access to protel Air.
These include protel Voyager, a web-facing solution for guests and bookers to access their reservation and profile, and interact with the hotel/PMS, self-service kiosks for check in/out, 3rd party guest-facing apps and web services, as well as the protel Digital Registration app, enabling contactless guest check-in.

What staff and user apps are available with protel Air?

protel Air makes available the protel Housekeeping app for housekeeping and maintenance teams via iOS and Android.

Additionally, the protel for iPad app is also available on iOS to enable remote access and management of protel Air wherever needed.

Finally, the protel dSignature app is available on iOS and Android to enable contactless remote check-in for guests which is controlled by hotel reception teams.

How do I add a new integration to protel Air?

protel Air makes available open API's and a development marketplace to ensure easy addition of new integrations as and where needed. Protel PMS takes advantage of industry-standard HTNG and OTA API's. Most of the API's uses the next-generation protel.io Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to leverage a common platform in which to connect not just our PMS, but many other systems as well.

Can I upgrade from protel Classic to protel Air?

Yes, we offer a migration path from protel Classic as an on-premise solution, to protel Air as our next-generation cloud-PMS. This can include migrating customer profiles (eg guest, agent, corporate), historical data, as well as future reservations on the books.

Can I migrate data from any PMS to protel Air?

Yes, we offer a migration path from most PMS systems to protel Air. This can include migrating customer profiles (eg guest, agent, corporate), historical data, allotments and groups (where needed), as well as future reservations on the books.

Where you are unsure of how to extract the legacy system PMS data, consult with us and let us assess how to assist you with migrating your data to protel Air.

What sort of integrations are available with protel Air?

Over 1,800 3rd party certified integrations are available with protel Air. As protel Air is installed in over 3,500 hotels worldwide, we offer a plethora of integrations ranging from (but not limited to) PABX, IPTV, POS, Spa, Wi-Fi, channel managers, central reservations, CRM systems, finance systems, guest-facing apps and kiosks, electronic door locks, revenue management systems, energy control and building management systems, and more.

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An Activity Management System (AMS) is a term commonly given to a solution which manages activities across the hotel & resort segment, such as (but not limited to) spa, wellness, fitness, golf, activity management, and others.

Reservation Assistant is the global leader in AMS systems for hotels & resorts, which is an all-encompassing solution to manage all activity bookings across a resort or hotel chain, be that spa & wellness, fitness, golf, activity bookings, dining reservations, and more, and enables guest-facing self-service (own device or kiosk), staff mobility, as well as extensive real-time integrations to property management systems.

Reservations, package management, classes and courses, tickets and access passes, membership management, dining reservations, POS, gift voucher and prepaid card management, stock & purchasing control, and much more are modules within Reservation Assistant that makes it the leading solution in its class.

Reservation Assistant can be deployed as an on-premise solution, or hosted at one of our data centres, or at a customer (HQ) data centre, with options to enable components to be hosted by us in our data centres (for instance the RA web booking engine or the RA sense staff mobility app).

Yes, public guests, hotel resident guests, past guests, and members alike, can book services online (such as reservations, packages, classes, courses, dining, cabana reservations).

Members, guests and groups can book individual treatments and reservations, golf tee times, packages, classes, courses, dining bookings, and cabana reservations, as well as purchase and manage membership contracts, buy and redeem gift vouchers and prepaid cards, buy tickets and access passes, purchase retail and merchandise, and more.

Hotels, resorts and clubs usually deploy Reservation Assistant where a spa or wellness centre is being managed, or where golf clubs offer bookings and tee-times, as well as fitness club services. Often, additional operations and activities are also managed in these businesses via Reservation Assistant, such as (but not limited to), equipment rental, water and other sports, transfers and transportation, salon, retail shops, and so on.

Besides hotels, resorts and clubs, other businesses using Reservation Assistant include aquatic centres, thermal spas, cruise ships, airport lounges and integrated clubs and resorts (offering some or all of these activities).

Reservation Assistant integrates with many systems to enable it to be part of a wider ecosystem within a hotel, resort or club. These range from (but not limited to) hotel property management systems (PMS), Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM), integrated payment gateways (PG), access control devices (AC), 3rd party web booking engines (WBE), loyalty management systems (LMS), and where needed fiscalization solutions.

Reservation Assistant is a software solution and as such, does not need to run on any specific hardware. Where needed however, we can integrate various hardware to suit beach deployment needs, such as (but not limited to) thermal POS receipt printers, label printers, membership card printers, RFID card readers, magnetic swipe readers, barcode scanners, Webcams, cash drawers, waiter lock and e-keys, POS customer display units, signature capture pads, and ticket / access pass printers. if requiring to offer a kiosk to enable guest/member facing access, we can additionally offer floor-mounted or desk-mounted kiosks.

As with all of our solutions, Reservation Assistant is supported by us 24×7 and backed by a Support Level Agreement that ensures great response times and upgrades to your system as they become available.

Reservation Assistant is available as a multi-property edition (MPE), as well as single property edition (SPE), making it one of the most advanced AMS solutions available for hotel & resort chains. The MPE version allows for central customer profiles, central reporting, reciprocal membership access and rights, as well as group-wide gift voucher purchase and redemption.

The RA sense module, available as a web-browser front end access to Reservation Assistant, allows for staff to be mobile and roam-free of any desks at a hotel or resort, and engage with guests and members wherever they are.

We’re excited to hear from you.

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