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Xn protel’s Dinggly solution is making its Middle East debut at HITEC Dubai… making things just a little bit easier for both guests and serving staff!

Xn protel’s Dinggly solution is making its Middle East debut at HITEC Dubai… making things just a little bit easier for both guests and serving staff!

9 November 2017

Global hospitality management software company Xn protel Systems today announced that it is taking its Dinggly solution to HITEC Dubai on 14th – 15th November 2017. Dinggly makes it easy and economical to extend service area coverage and maximize sales opportunities, by placing call buttons in areas not fully serviced, such as lobbies, gardens or poolside.

Imagine if you always knew when a guest was not satisfied? Dinggly can ask guests to rate their experience when they request their bill. A poor rating is discretely alerted on the supervisor’s pager. This provides the opportunity to remedy issues before a guest leaves, thereby maintain customer loyalty and protect online reputation.

For serving staff, it means they no longer need to have eyes in the back of their heads. A dashboard shows how many calls are being made, where from, who is serving and the response times by individual members of staff. It even allows waiting staff to ‘grab’ calls for themselves, which prevents multiple staff converging on one call.

Dinggly is unique because every button and every receiver is connected to the cloud. It also uses the very latest Pager Topology, which uses cellular communications (A WiFi version is also available). Emmanuel Clave, Vice President GCC & India, Xn protel Systems explains, “We call our cellular solution VLR (Very Long Range), because it is possible to place a call in, say, Vietnam and pick it up in the United Kingdom. While that is an unlikely scenario, it does show how cellular communications represent a huge step forward for this technology.

Emmanuel continues, “It also means that for large hotels and restaurants it avoids ‘dead zones’ associated with WiFi. As long as there is a cellular signal the pager receiver will get the message, whatever the distance!”

About Dinggly

The Dinggly call for service buttons allow guests to summon service using just the touch of a finger, with their calls being received discretely on the waiter’s smart wrist receiver. This means no more arm waving to fight for the waiter’s attention, and guests can relax knowing they’ll be served promptly and fairly.

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